Toddler Twins

Snowy Days

Greetings and Happy February!
Yesterday we in the Chicago area were treated to a first rate snow storm. We took the kids out in the snow while it was still snowing yesterday afternoon and boy were they excited! They called out “noooooooo” (snow) and loved being pulled in the sled.



We went out this morning for walk. It was bright and sunny and they jumped into all the big snow drifts. Lucie kept going face first and eating the snow and then yelling because she didn’t like the snow on her eyes. Ha! Teddy would plunge his hands into it and then lift them waving to get the snow off of his mittens (he doesn’t like getting messy stuff on his hands).


We were out again when Will got home from work and went to dig out the car. I planted the kids like cake toppers in the big snow drift on the sidewalk and they were happy to watch Dada shovel for a bit, and we took a quick walk to the square to make snow angels. They didn’t mind being tossed on their backs in the snow at all – I totally thought they would as they refuse to be on their backs in the tub) – and I moved their arms and legs to make some fairly decent angels.

The storm ruined our Super Bowl plans, but it was otherwise a nice relaxing weekend. The kids are in a great way these days as long as we get out to do anything once a day. They are liking videos a LOT. Favorites are Thomas the Tank Engine (choochoo), Daniel Tiger (yan-ya), Curious George (mmmmm-mmmnnn (monkey)), Frozen (go-go (as in the song Let it Go)), and as of today Toy Story (no name yet). I’m so grateful for videos as I can get meals put together without them going bonkers without my attention.
Can you believe it’s only about 6 weeks until their 2nd birthday? I can’t!!


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