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Toddler Appetites

I feel compelled to really brag about something. And in the same breath, I’m crossing my fingers I’m not totally jinxing myself. Lucie and Teddy are really really ridiculously good eaters. They eat almost everything you put in front of them, and eat a lot of it. I don’t know why exactly, but I’ll give myself just a little credit because I make the great majority of their food myself and I think that food tastes pretty good.
I thought about writing this down now because the last couple nights I happened to make their very favorite dishes for dinner and they ate SO much. Tuesday night was bowtie pasta with marinara and baked zucchini and then blueberries with yogurt. Last night was roasted chicken with carrots and butternut squash. They ate a drumstick and half a thigh each and were asking for more, but I had to save enough chicken for Will and I to eat too, so they ate the leftover pasta with zucchini and pears with yogurt for dessert. These kids! I’m going to have to cook 2 chickens from now on because half the reason I like roasting a whole bird is leftovers. But now there is nothing leftover except bones for soup.
This morning the 3 of us shared a big bowl of oatmeal and fruit and they asked for cheesy eggs, so we had that too.
I’m thinking there must be a growth spurt ahead, and I’m so happy all over again that I can just cook them food and they’re not needing mamas milk every 20 min. Whew!
Examples of their favorite foods…

I put headphones on them today, Teddy loved the experience. Lucie was so-so. Mostly she just wanted the buds in her ears because Teddy did. They listened to Neil Young if you are curious. This makes them really cool, but they also love to listen to the Mickey Mouse song and that knocks them down a peg.


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