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Hanging Indoors

We are spending a lot of time in our house these days. It’s February and freezing and snowy and the kids both had horrible colds last week which forced me to cancel all of our plans. Here are the things Lucie and Teddy like to do when spending the whole day indoors:
Throw tantrums when I don’t know what they ask from me (Tuesday Lucie wailed ‘blue ice’ to me for 20 minutes before I figured it out)
Dance parties to Taylor Swift radio
Toss everything out of their dresser
Throw things in the garbage can that aren’t garbage (like oranges)
Listen for sirens
Yell “Hi Mike” at the cat
Have snacks
Throw all the mail from the table onto the floor
Beg for chocolate chips
Play “tunnel” (basically I hold a plank/downward dog for 20 min while they crawl frantically underneath me, then I pretend collapse and squash them and they laugh hysterically)
Play with trains (put their collections of choo choos into any number of boxes and hiding places where they can’t be found for hours/days/weeks…though somehow things always turn up)

We are also spending time learning how to pee on the potty. I wouldn’t call it intensive potty training, but we are home all day anyways, so I figure lets just go pantless and figure it out as we go. Today has been pretty good! Only one pee went on the floor between breakfast and lunch, and both went in the potty right before nap time so I’m hopeful that they decide that diapers are annoying on their own. I’ll keep everyone posted.



Lastly, a big welcome to Lucie and Teddy’s newest cousin, James!



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