Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: 🐄The Cow Loves Cookies🍪

Sprinkles and Cupcake – the blog and the people – are happy to bring you a new segment, book review! This has been suggested to me once or twice most recently by Will since like a lot of you parents we read a Lot. We are so lucky the have collected a very respectable library to date (thanks to 2 well researched grandmothers and me because sometimes I literally can’t a book one more time ) and are always borrowing from the library as well. I think all almost 2 year olds love reading, and L and T are no exception. They will sit and listen to as many books as their reader is willing to read. Yesterday my voice actually got tired. From reading aloud. Whew!

So on to the point. This week I bring you The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Marcellus Hall

We found this one at the library recently and it is a particular favorite with little miss Goose. She had Dada read it 3 times in a row before breakfast this past weekend. She knows all the right times to say “cookies!!” And squeals it with great enthusiasm.
I adore the bright and bold watercolor-like illustrations and there is plenty to talk about outside of the story if you like. There is a little cat who is not mentioned in the verses who follows the farmer around as he feeds the animals. Ms Cow is always walking around stealing cookies with an eager tongue from silly places. The pigs look so darn happy! The verses rhyme fluidly and are a perfect mix of sounds, emotions, and silliness. It ends with an unexpected idea. The cow and farmer have a special deal to spend a few moments together at lunch. Farmer shares his cookies and Cow shares her milk. It warms my heart every time.
I have since bought it for our library and a friend. Public Library for the win!


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