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Potty Stuff

IMG_0683 So major milestone coming our way! With all this indoors time and some occasional successes for both kids going on the potty I decided to step it a little.  My goal doesn’t have an end date necessarily, but I don’t want them to have to sit in dirty diapers any longer than they have to.  I’ve been thinking for a few months that Lucie is ready, and I’ve been hoping that Teddy will see her and follow suit…you know, like friendly no pressure-peer pressure.  The results were pretty much what I expected.  Lucie was into it and basically trained herself when we started encouraging her (I think she’s mostly in it for the candy).  Teddy surprised me and learned quickly that he COULD use the potty but doesn’t WANT to. At all.  Anyways, I’m shooting for no pressure, no discouragement, just active encouragement, and acceptance of whatever my kids decide they’re ready for.  I mean, they’re not even 2, so we have some time before I feel like, enough with the diapers already.  Although, with one kid in diapers, I’m only gonna have to wash like once a week and that sounds freakin awesome.

Monday I just let them be bottomless. Teddy spent the day sprinkling the floor. Lucie had 2 big floor pees and managed to go in the potty after naptime a few times. Neither tot liked peeing on the floor, Lucie especially was upset. Oh, that evening Will caught Lucie mid-poop and got her on the potty to catch it. It was a brilliant parent move and she has pooped on the potty every single day since.

Tuesday Teddy was showing promise, he went once on the potty all by himself, just sat down and went, and once I asked him and he agreed to go. Lucie sat down all on her own for morning pee and poop and went every time I put her on the pot, no accidents. We ran an errand in diapers, and diapers for naps and bedtime. Teddy started to show anti-potty behavior that evening, but would still use the potty when I got him on it. But no accidents, just saving it all for the diaper.

Wednesday We went to visit friends with a potty training tot also, and Lucie used the potty there no problemo. I decided to give Teddy a day off and just kept him in diapers the whole day.

Thursday I tried them both in undies for the first time.
IMG_0688 They are so super cute. Lucie had a little accident in hers and refused to put another pair. She definitely likes the freedom of a bare butt. She went to the potty all on her own the whole day, I rarely ask her to go because she just seems to have it under control. Teddy became very anti diaper, but he also didn’t have any floor pees. He saved it all for naptime diaper and then went he had to go so bad after dinner cried pee pee, brought me a diaper and went in that. He stopped, looked at me in visible relief and when I asked him “are you peeing?” He answered “shyes.” Lucie threw a tantrum putting on her night time diaper.

Friday Same story with Teddy, so I’m sticking with diapers for now, he’s definitely physically ready since he can hold it, knows when he has to go, and if he is going, but he wants/needs the security of that diaper for now. So I’ll let him be naked around the house in case he decides to use the potty. Lucie I am calling officially potty trained! We visited some friends today and stopped to pick up lunch on our way. She flat out refused to wear a diaper to go out so she wore undies (high five for her hating bulky cloth diapers after all this naked time!). She stayed dry! And used the big potty twice at our friend’s house. She stayed dry on the way home and peed before naptime on the potty. She threw a tantrum about putting on a diaper for naptime, but she has to wear something! Maybe I can find a cloth trainer or something that is more underwear like for her to nap in. In conclusion, way to go Lucie! Major milestone, and still 3 weeks before her 2nd birthday. All it took was 2x’s peeing on the floor a bunch of YAYs and a bunch of chocolate covered raisins.  So really, Thank YOU Trader Joe’s and your delicious dark chocolate covered raisins.  She calls them “chock-chaw.”  It sounds just like tunnel in case she asks you to play tunnel.

Happy Weekend everyone!  It’s almost MARCH!!  I can’t f’in wait to go to the park everyday again.

Teddy update: Little Bear asked for his diapers right up until the week before his birthday.  He actually got to the point where he would say pee-pee bring me a diaper then sit in the diaper on the potty and go, ha!  One day he started just sitting down on the potty and going by himself.  The day of his 2nd birthday he had his first successful outing in undies and he’s been in undies ever since! 


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