Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: The Knight and the Dragon🐲

The second installation of book review is an old favorite, The Knight and the Dragon, story and pictures by Tomie dePaola.

I remember reading this one as a kid and it was an early favorite of Lucie and Teddy too. I can’t remember when exactly when my mom sent this to us, definitely in the first year sometime. It begins like a fairy tale, “Once upon a time, there was a knight in a castle who had never fought a dragon. And in a cave not too far away, was a dragon who had never fought a knight.” The following pages illustrate the two characters setting up a show down and studying and preparing for it. A third character who I like to refer to as “Princess Librarian” helps the knight and dragon apply their strengths to a better resolution (working together! as restaurateurs!).
There are not many written words to the story so you can change it up every time you read it if you like. I’m hoping the twins will like to read and make up stories for others at some point and this will be a fun one for that purpose. It’s lighthearted and funny and has a nice story line. The pictures are engaging and tell the story wonderfully. This one is my favorite, I love how the dragon is all “I can blow fire, no big deal, whatever.”



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