Milestones · Teething

The Dentist

I forgot to write last week Teddy and Lucie visited the dentist for the first time. I asked our pediatrician for a recommendation in our area and we chose an office just down our street about a mile (literally on our same street), right across from the park with the good water sprinklers in the summer. It was great, I think the assistants and the doctor all have kids of their own so they were very understanding of Goose and Bear’s initial wariness, and were very accommodating. They got us right in, which the kids weren’t so pumped about because there were fun toys and a cool fish tank with 2 “Nemo” fish. There was no crying, their teeth are fine, I was given a pat on the back for my healthy dental habits (good brushing and no thumb sucking/pacifiers/candy/bottles or milk in bed). I was told to lay off the dried fruits like raisins because they stick and cause cavities, that’s news to everyone, right? Raisins are like the easiest healthy snack, dang! The doctor looked at their teeth, yes Teddy is a slow teether, wiped them with fluoride and that was it. As we left the kids were rewarded with new toothbrushes, stickers, and a prize from the treasure chest. I didn’t take one picture because I had 2 toddlers sitting on my lap clutching my arms the whole visit. So this is one from a few days ago when they were listening to animal noises on the iPad.



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