Toddler Twins · Twin Cousins

Party People

Firstly I’m going to link to my sister’s blog, she put up a zillion pictures already, and half of these are her’s anyways.  The other half are my mother’s.  I snapped a couple on my phone, so if any of them look crappier than the others, I’ll take credit there.

First Party Pictures! A friend of mine from college started up a lettering business and I am thrilled she could make a little something to make the kids’ birthday cakes extra special. Aren’t the cake toppers fabulous?!   IMG_0596 IMG_0605 (2) IMG_6067These are almost all of Lucie and Teddy’s cousins.  Jack (4), Ainslie (2), and James (5wks) on the left are Will’s sisters kids and to their right are Aiden then Kaleb (2), my sister’s boys.  We are only missing my brother’s girls back in Pennsylvania.

We had such nice weather for the weekend we were able to get out every day which saved us all!  Our first full day all together was Friday the 20th (actual Birthday!) we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Will took the day off of work and off we went to visit the monkeys.

IMG_5994 IMG_6008 IMG_5972

Saturday was the party and afterwards we walked over to the square to let the kids run off the sugar high.

IMG_0635 IMG_0657 IMG_0664

Sunday we took the party to the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum, another one of our favorite places in the city, and great in the chilly weather since it’s all indoors.  It’s terrific there and totally kid-centered.

IMG_6216 (2)Monday it was snowing, so we stayed in and played.  We watched Cinderella, we made homemade poptarts, we colored, we ran around playing “super” wearing my Mom’s handmade awesome super-hero capes, you know, general hilarity. Oh and somehow we squeezed in a little Teddy-Lucie photoshoot so we all remember what they looked like when they turned 2.

IMG_0895 (2)IMG_1204 (2)IMG_1135Tuesday everyone left and it was so sad.  Luckily in April the kids and I are going east and we will get to visit all over again.  Plus my fingers are crossed I can make a summer trip happen to see Bee-Bee and Aunt Jess in Colorado this summer.  Have fun with all the pictures and happy weekend!


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