Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: Blueberries For Sal 

This week in toddler book obsessions bring us the “blue-blue story.”  It was a birthday gift from our friend Monica (who is one of our most dedicated readers, hi Monica!) and is a classic most will recognize as it was first published in 1948. 

Blueberries For Sal by Robert McCloskey

Lucie and Teddy both adore the story.  They love blueberries, bears, and mamas.  As the primary reader in our family, I feel 2 ways about it.  I love the story and the pictures are wonderful!  I am no art expert, but the illustrations look like drawings in blue and are wonderful and timeless.  The tale has little Sal and her mother picking berries for the winter and a little bear and his mother eating berries for the winter.  The toddlers stray as toddlers do and mix up their paths and give both mothers a surprise.  

There is just enough of an uh-oh and each mother finds her cub and they all head home.  It’s cute, it’s happy, Sal has an adventure, what’s not to love?  My second thought and really only criticism is that the writing is repetitive which makes the story long and makes for a reader tired of saying “blueberries” by the end. It reminds me of The Little Engine that Could in this way.  But boy do the kiddies love it.  My favorite thing is Sal and her mussed waved hair and how it looks like Teddy’s.  I think Monica liked that too.  

Final review is that it’s a terrific addition to any home library.  The drawings keep us all coming back over and over but I do recommend hiding it every few days for a parental break and then it’s cute all over again.


3 thoughts on “Children’s Book Review: Blueberries For Sal 

  1. oh yay! so glad they like it! poor reader. maybe you should switch out some of the “blueberries” for something different to keep yourself entertained…..and sane 😉

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