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☔️ Muddy Puddles!!

The very first thing out of lil Lucie’s mouth this morning was “muddy puddles” quickly followed by “boots on.”


One of the kids favorite shows currently is Peppa Pig. Which I have to say, is not annoying me… Yet.  The Pig family is English and say adorable things in an adorable accident.  To get to the story here though, yesterday was a true spring rainy day.  Misty and grey and showers off and on all morning and afternoon.  The sun peeked out however while the kids were napping so I planned on getting them out for a little walk before dinner.  They had a little snack when they woke up and I prepped them with a short episode of Peppa Pig where Peppa goes out to the garden and jumps in muddy puddles in her rubber boots.  I don’t have to tell you what my children demanded to do next.  Boots on!!  Muddy puddles!!

We jumped in every puddle between our house, the little square on our corner and through the alley behind our house.  Our lovely neighbor, an elderly Romanian grandma called Ida invited us into her garden to see the flowers she was planting.  I commented on the perky little tomato plants she had lined up in seedling trays.  Her English is very halting but she said they grow big fruits and are called “cow heart” (I think) and that her sister mailed her the seeds from Romania.  She gave me 2 little plants because she had so many.  I’m really excited to see how they grow up!  Hopefully I don’t murder them, I’ve only really had any luck with my potted herbs, but here goes nothing.

To conclude, the kids tramped home with dry feet and very wet pants and talked about muddy puddles to everyone they’ve seen since.



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