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It’s Spring at the Nature Preserve

We’ve been back to our favorite outdoors spot in the city a few times now in nicer weather and are keeping track of the blossoming spring along the trails.  Everything is fully green and gorgeous now and there is so much to discover.  The kids pick up every rock, twig, and tiny flower they come across so needless to say we can spend a full morning just taking a little walk.  Have at it kids, you’re happy, I’m happy, and boy does it smell GOOD in the trees.  We usually run across a few little animals but during our visit last week we saw everything!  Ducks and turtles sitting in the sun, birds, deer, and the best was a whole family of Canadian geese!  The adults were ushering 5 very fuzzy goslings down the path picking up seeds and such on an outing away from the pond.  We followed them a bit, trying not to get too close!

I also spent some time last week taking some photos of the kids with their dragon.  My mom entered her Etsy Shop in an open call for Etsy wholesalers, the contest is for a chance to pitch her products to a big retailer and it’s pretty awesome.  Look up #etsyopencall on Instagram to check out photos of all the entries. There’s a nice write up about it all here. Keep your finger crossed for her, it would be an amazing opportunity for Fox in Feathers Studio!

This past weekend was a busy one for Will and I, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary Friday night at Elizabeth Restaurant a Michelin Star restaurant who are currently running a Game of Thrones themed dinner with wine and beer pairings (that link has pictures of the whole menu and a few of the room as well).  It was an incredible!  The room was decorated with Westeri sigils and a few other dorky GoT details, we sat down at one long communal table with about 20 other people and our own sommelier circled taking care of beverages, and chef/owner Iliana Regan and her small company in the kitchen preparing each course in front our eyes.  Each course was inspired by food found in the books and TV show and taken to food heaven.  I’ve never experienced anything like it before!

Last night we attended our second wedding in 2 weekends and hung in there like champs.  Today we napped, ha!  I’m looking forward to a quiet week (and maybe a baby shower next weekend).  Hope everyone out there is well, happy Memorial Day weekend!


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