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Children’s Book Review: Eating the Alphabet­čŹÄ

Eating the Alphabet: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert


The kids are loving this one lately.  We have Auntie Alexa to thank for finding it, she always picks really good books.  The pictures are gorgeous, and I love that the lineup includes more varieties than the usual suspects, like radicchio! jicama! gooseberry!  Lucie and Teddy love repeating all the names of things (this is a regular game for us while we do our grocery shopping every week) and it’s a different way to go through the alphabet.  I love asking them to say “cauliflower”, it makes me giggle every time…Lucie says coldiflugger. Hahaha, it makes me laugh just sounding it out right now!


The house next door to us (and because we live in the city it’s walls are literally 2.5 feet from our own) is being renovated down to the studs and causing some noise issues during nap time and I’m trying really hard not to be evil to the very pleasant seeming men working here. 

But on happier news, I think we are headed to a little party at the flagship Land of Nod store tomorrow to meet the women my sister made friends with in Pittsburgh last weekend. The bus has been touring the east coast raising money for a nonprofit called Milk & Bookies. Did you see my nephews made the official @thelandofnod Instagram feed? Cause they did, wearing of course Fox in Feathers capes and hats. My sister and her awesome marketing. Lucie and Teddy are following suit as well.

Happy Birthday to awesome Aunt Sam and Happy Weekend!


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