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Life Lately

I am still here! Apologies for not posting any photos lately, we haven’t been especially busy or anything, I suppose I’ve just been uninspired.  But here’s a quick update on things of late.

We went to a little Saturday morning party at the local Land of Nod store to welcome their Nod Tour Bus home to Chicago from an East Coast tour, and met the event planners who happened to meet Becca and the boys the previous week in Pittsburgh. Lucie and Teddy were immediately recognized from their Fox In Feathers hats and super capes. We felt pretty special.

the kids went crazy for the Land of Nod doll house, it’s so cute!

Next up, Ribfest. Every summer Chicago goes all out for street festivals, every neighborhood has one, some are huge some are more tame. Ours is Ribfest, which gets pretty busy and clogs up a really important intersection for a whole weekend, but it’s relatively small and confined to 2 short blocks. We traditionally hit up the scene with the other local families, early before the BBQ fiends descend. This year the kids got to enjoy all the inflatable stuff (which I’m positive is filthy and disease covered, but hey, you’re only 2 once right?) for which they went predictably bananas.

general feeling is that the labeling should be reversed 😋

Next up, and perhaps my favorite moment of the month so far the Stanley Cup Finals! Specifically Game 6, where Will and I were lucky enough to witness our home team win the final game of the playoffs and take their victory skate on home ice with the greatest trophy in sports. Now, it’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Penguins are first in my heart, but the Blackhawks come in a close second and boy they are fun to watch. We are spoiled rotten getting to witness the magic every season. The kids didn’t come to a game this season, but I hope to take them in the coming year sometime.

Team C Toews lifts the Cup first

The kids showed their team pride the following day sporting their official Hawks hoodies and some team-twin love…

Next! Yesterday we went on a bike ride! The kids hated their bike trailer last year, I think they were too little still, but their first ride this year was a resounding success.  They love their helmets and going FAST, ha! We took a short ride up to our park and playground and back to test the waters, which I will say are quite fine.

the shark shirt is his favorite, he does not care to choose his outfit daily, but if he sees that shirt in his drawer, on his back it goes

We have been reading a lot of new stuff recently and I have another book review coming soon. Also lots of fun summer stuff ahead… 4th of July and lots of travel. Check back soon, cheers!


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