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Children’s Book Review: Counting Crows

Today I bring you Counting Crows by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Rob Dunlavey. It’s hot off the press, just published this year 2015. I came across it browsing in the children’s section of a local bookstore (a real neighborhood bookstore, it felt like a rare animal sighting!) and requested it at the library as the illustrations were too cute.  

It is literally a counting book, but I like that it counts in 3’s to 12 instead of just 10 and introduces the concept of “dozen” which I haven’t seen in any of our other numbers books. The illustrations are delightful in black, grey, white, and red, and it has a terrific rhythm and rhyme. “One, two, three, see ya, tree. Four, five, six, aloha sticks.” Adorable.  Basically the story goes that the crows mess around in a tree and eat a variety of bugs and foraged human food and fruits and vegetables then run across a cat and say see you later.  

A delightful addition to any child’s personal library, and it shakes up regular counting just a tad.  The kids have been loving it, so if they’re any indication you little people will too.  Look for it at your local library or bookstore!


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