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Our Daily Schedule 2 Years In

I was recently thinking that I hadn’t written out our daily schedule for a long time now, maybe even since this time last year when the kids dropped their second nap.  Yes, we still follow a schedule, it keeps all us Crosses running on optimum energy and attitude.  So, here’s our 2 yr toddler schedule. 

7-8am wake up! Teddy is always always up first.  Lucie (like her mum) could sleep all morning.  If she’s not up by 8, which is a regular occurrence, I go in with the rise and shine alarm. 

morning snuggles

 8-9am breakfast time; we eat eggs almost every morning, but also love oatmeal with a big bowl of fruit, or pancakes on occasion.

9-10am is generally video time while I clean up from breakfast and get our stuff together for an outing.

10am-1pm we leave for a daily outing. Mondays we do our grocery shopping for the week. Tues-Fri we make plans with friends or head out on our own. The major pro of city-dwelling is that there is SO much to do. The major con is that we have a smaller living space and we MUST go out to avoid going bananas at home.  Regular destinations include the Lincoln Park Zoo, Peggy Notebart Nature Museum, Library, Park/playground (there are several great parks within walking distance and many more only a short drive or L ride away), Nature Preserve, and a few friends homes. I am really lucky to have a few “stay-at-home-mom” friends who live pretty close to us and a few others who live out in the suburbs and everyone has a kid within 9mths of Lucie and Teddy’s same age so there’s lots of fun toddler play time.  Their most favorite playmate is definitely Ellie, Teddy tries every move he knows on her, hugs, kisses.   

lunch at the nature museum, ellie and her mom ran to the loo and little sister clare stayed with us
pool play at rosie’s house (she’s 2 weeks older than L and T)

 12-1pm we squeeze in lunch somewhere in this hour or the children turn into hangry wolves. Sometimes it’s leftovers from dinner the night before, but often lunch is picnicked out somewhere so we have peanut butter sandwiches, turkey and cheese roll ups, fruit, crackers, maybe a granola bar.

1/1:30pm-4pm naptime, oh sweet naptime. The down time for naps is more flexible than it used to be, with our summer activities we are staying outside longer in the mornings and are sometimes racing home to drink a cup of milk and get into bed. They have to be in bed by 2 or all is lost. I depend on their daily nap to recharge my own batteries, drink a cup of tea, chat on the phone, do a few chores, maybe blog, and they depend on it too. Otherwise I’m dealing with wailing leg-less puddles by 5. Gross.

4-6pm is free time. We stick around the house, maybe play in the backyard a bit, or read books, have a little snack.  I usually put on a video around 5:30 so I can get dinner together.

6pm kids eat dinner…they eat whatever Will and I have.  With warmer weather we’ve been eating big salads with lots of stuff in them, cauliflower stir fries (cauliflower instead of rice), grilled fish and veggies, lettuce wraps. Will gets home around 7 and we eat together after the kids are in bed.

 7:30pm we start getting ready for bed, depending on their level of grubbiness they’ll have a bath, story time, and right into bed around 8.
I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for our schedule!

I am also realized I title our schedule markers like a camp counselor “free time”? Camp prepared me for so many things in life. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend, we sure did! 2 BBQs, the zoo. The park, lunches out to eat, and a visit from cousin Matthew. I was sad to see Monday.


at the lincoln park zoo on the 4th

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