Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: Noni the Pony🐴

I will be able to recite this one from memory in 50 years. Noni has been with us for a long time already and her popularity has yet to wane. 

Noni the Pony written and illustrated by Alison Lester

Noni is Australian, she lives by a peaceful bay and hangs out with her besties Dave Dog and Coco the Cat. The rhymes are simple and they get in your head right away. You. Will. Never. Forget Them. Each page is a short declarative phrase, “It’s hard to give Noni the Pony a fright, but once in awhile she gets spooked in the night!” Lucie and Teddy can finish most of every sentence by memory and love interacting with the events on every page.  Our first Noni was the hardcover which after about 6 months was missing an entire page courtesy of 2 overzealous babies (one of whom enjoys (to this day) eating books. Cough, Teddy), so we procured a board book version which are tough to come by as I mentioned Noni is from Aus and the board book is only published in the UK.  Interestingly, the versions are a little different! In our original version it’s hard to give Noni a fright, but in the board book “Noni the pony is happy and bright” before she spooks.  Honestly, it is kind of nice to shake it up between the two.  

The illustrations as you can see are perfectly darling.  I love Noni’s mane most, it’s always flying and shaggy in that happy pony kind of way.  I never ever get tired of reading this happy tale, and I highly recommend it for your little kid.  There is a sequel called Noni at the Beach we haven’t read. I should find it.

Funny enough, I mentioned this book to Aussie Andrew, our friend in Melbourne who’s been one of the family since we met working at summer camp 16!! years ago, and his family are friendly with the author!  They live in the same town and his aunt runs a pub across the street from Alison Lester’s  bookshop (or some similar situation).  Weird, right? I know like 2 people in the whole country and one of them happens to be aquainted with the author of his random books my kids adore.  Ha!


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