Milestones · Toddler Twins

It’s a Lucietail

We never thought this day would come, but it’s official, Lucie June Cross bald from birth to 18mths has enough hair for a ponytail! It’s fine, wispy, blonde, and perfect.  Lucie was so delighted she exclaimed “my love it!” and called it her Lucietail. I should note at the moment she has her pronouns mixed up and is using “my” for “I” and it’s so cute I haven’t really starting correcting her yet. 

My love it! My do it! My fall down.

I can hardly handle the adorable stuff two year olds say.  I couldn’t be more happy to document this momentous milestone. I’m dreaming of pigtails and braids! My love it!

All summer I’ve been on the look out for little watering cans so they can better help me water our urban potted garden. I’ve been filling the kind of water bottles you carry on a bike and it does t quite do the trick.  Target finally delivered last week. They love helping out and I only have to refill their watering cans like 4x’s each. Ha!

We are looking forward to a hot summery week ahead, I’m planning to turn on the $3 sprinkler I bought months and months ago dreaming about is weather and let the kids run around the yard. Yay!


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