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Lake Wisco

This past weekend we traveled 8 hours north to a cabin on Sand Lake in the north woods of Wisconsin. You might recall we drove up with the kids once before when they were quite a bit smaller.  We met our friends there who have a tot just a few months older than T and L and a newborn and had just the most relaxing, easy going, rejuvenating weekend you can imagine.  The kids got on like wildfire and with all the great stuff to do outdoors entertaining them was not a worry.

We arrived very late at night Thursday. Teddy and I the were the first up that morning.  He couldn’t hardly contain his excitement when he caught sight of the lake through the windows. BEACH! BOAT! He was completely giddy.  The boy is a born boater. He didn’t mind the life vest or the time we spent floating while Will castes a line.  Lucie and Anna the other 2yr old weren’t so keen on the lack of activities to be found. Teddy helped wind the reel, watched the water and tried to steal swigs of daddy’s beer (which he didn’t drink, though wanted to and badly). Teddy loves fishing. To top it off Will caught fish, and a beauty at that!  The kids all got to touch it and we tossed him back to continue his fishy life.

Lucie on the other hand is a water lover. She just wants to go swimming and be in the water. And repeated with delight “my love the beach!” She dislikes the life vest and bored of cruising on the boat despite her claim to want to “go on a fishing trip.”  She changed her tune quickly to “my go swimming.”  The best part of boating for Lucie was when we let her jump off the pontoon into the lake.

I wish we could have stayed longer than 2 days and I truly hope we can go back again next summer. Til next time fair Wisco!


2 thoughts on “Lake Wisco

  1. LOVE. they are such LAKE BABIES! They need to come to Waramaug soon (though Will can confirm that the fish are not nearly as large!!)

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