Toddler Twins

It is Impossible to Pick Too Many Apples

This past weekend we drove a little ways northwest to the Wisconsin border (doesn’t it seem like for Chicagoans everything good is in Wisco?) for some apple picking.  We talked a lot about going apple picking the week beforehand and the kids were jazzed. I seem to recall a too tired temper tantrum the day before our trip by Miss Goose…”my go apple picking NOW!! My not go shopping, not want dinner. Aaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppple piiiiiiiiiiicking” (dear lord can you hear the wail?).

We went to Harvest Time Orchards and had just a perfect day. It was only their second weekend for picking and the trees were full and heavy with ripe Honeycrisp, Gala, MacIntosh, and Blondie apples. I tell you, there is not much in this wide wonderful world better than a Honeycrisp apple right off the tree. The weather was perfect, the apples were perfect, the fresh hot made to order donuts were perfect, I mean, come on.  I don’t know if we picked a half bushel or a full bushel but the bag was half as tall as the kids – see photo below plus a couple. I have big plans for apple marmalade and sauce to enjoy over the dreary winter.

Everyone say APPLE!!!!

seriously, perfect

And, what’s better than twinny apple kisses and honeycrisps and fresh donuts? Um, nothing. Obviously. 

We have lots and lots of fun stuff coming up in the next couple of weeks. I think the fall fun is going to be off the charts. Plus, a half birthday next week. Can’t wait!


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