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Happy 2 and a Half Birthday! 

Another Half Birthday is upon us! I just went back and re-read the 2 year post I wrote and so much has changed in the last 6 months it’s crazy.

All About Teddy

Size: 24.6 lbs (3rd percentile) and 35 inches (31st percentile). He is finally too tall for 18mth size pants, but must wear a belt to hold up anything without an adjustable or elastic waistband.  He can wear a great variety of sizes, but we’ll say 24mth/2T for pants and tops. Shoes are crazy sizes, anywhere between a 6 and 8 depending on brand.

Nicknames: Tedder, Teddy Bear, Bear (Lucie always callas him Teddy Bear)

Personality: Sweet as sugar this one. He continues to be cheerful and friendly, and cries those giant plopping tears when he gets upset. Except, now he stops himself mid-cry declaring with a smile “me HAPPY!”  I wish I could capture the moment because it’s just so Teddy to be happy even though he looks so sad.  Like, no no, really I’m fine with the biggest tears you ever saw still rolling down his cheeks.  Too much.  He loves to be carried around, and is very imaginative with his play.  Lately he has been demanding things in a very non-Teddy way. Like today he woke up from his nap and demanded to go to Grandma Patti’s house “Go to Patti’s house, now” except now is said an octave lower than the rest of the sentence and emphasized with a growl. I’m not sure what to think of it other than be purely amused.

Foods: Fruit is his favorite, especially watermelon, whole apples and mango. He generally likes everything, but can be very stubborn when he doesn’t want to eat any more. He stockpiles chewed food in his cheeks. It’s gross. And frustrating. He says “My don’t like it” when he totally does.

Play: He loves cars, trains, dinosaurs and puzzles.  He can do a whole 24 piece puzzle on his own, as he is ever observant and pays very close attention to details.  He watches and listens to and studies everything around him. Recently he has been into racecars in particular and drives everything around as such…even pieces of watermelon. Oh and he loves building towers and tunnels, and crawling under and through tunnels. Like a spelunker.

Development and Talents: I mentioned his puzzles… He has recently mastered jumping with two feet off the floor, though not yet off of a platform.  He does not like to count 1-10 but does 11-20 perfectly. He always seems to find the things that have been lost for unknown amounts of time, probably because he’s the one who hid it in the first place.  He takes his time with answers as he considers the question very carefully. He talks, a lot. His speech is good, just a little jumbled and his pronunciations can be hard to understand if you don’t spend a lot of time around him. He has the iPad all figured out.  More than once I have heard voices in the living room while I’m cleaning up from breakfast and find him talking to my mom or sister on FaceTime or starting a movie for him and his sister. 

All About Lucie

Size: 30.6 lbs (72nd percentile) and 36.5 inches (76th percentile). A mix of 2T and 3T, same for shoes, between 6-8. 

Nicknames: Lucie Goose, Cici, Cici June, Lu (Teddy calls her Cici June)

Personality: Lucie swings between adorable and dramatic. She has a lot of flash this one. She still demands cold water, and ice/bandaids for every issue. She does NOT like strange kids in her personal space. If she decides to protest something like leaving the park, she will not eventually follow her parent. She will stubbornly stand her ground and cry until you come back into sight at which point she will sob into your shoulder “my feel nervous. my need ice.” Flip side Lucie is a delight! She sings, repeats everything, asks a zillion questions (“why?” “are you frustrated mama?”), twirls like Cindagedda (Cinderella), declares “my love ______”, and hold/hug/love on babies. She likes to wear her pink sunglasses everywhere, everyday.

Foods: Easy. Pizza and ice cream. I joke that she has the Cross pizza gene which means, “I’m not full until the pizza is gone.” Except it’s not a joke. She will literally eat pizza until you stop giving her pizza. Also stuffed shells, and I don’t blame her on that one I love them too. She generally likes everything but not with the same passion as the aforementioned delights.

Play: She’s been into spinning, skipping and dancing of late. She and Teddy like to “go shopping” (play grocery store) together with the play food and grocery cart and shopping bags. They also like to “help” me cook or wash dishes in the kitchen. I try to find little jobs for them to do, but it’s hard to delegate! I’m used to running the kitchen as a solo act, it’s hard to throw in team members who don’t seem to be able to pull their weight, you know?

Development and Talents: Her speech is terrific, it’s not uncommon for her to put together fluid compound sentences like, “Hi baby Clare! She’s so little! Chubby knees! My hold her?” And even a stranger can understand everything she says. It’s so cool. She runs, jumps, and talks incessantly. 

Videos: Peppa Pig is their favorite cartoon, Daniel Tiger is often requested. Favorites movies are Cars, Tangled (Punzel), and The Fantastic Mr. Fox (Fox movie, they love doing Foxy’s whistle)

Thanks for sticking with me, Happy half birthday munchkins. We have lots of awesome visitors in the next few weeks, look out for lots of photos. And Happy Autumn!


One thought on “Happy 2 and a Half Birthday! 

  1. I just can’t stand Lucie June. She’s hilarious!! And having witnessed Teddy’s crocodile tears while declaring ME HAPPY still has me cracking up! What a fun post. I wish each and every one was this long and had this many pictures 🙂 I’m greedy, I know

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