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A Weekend at Lake Waramaug

We are freshly returned from a visit with Lucie and Teddy’s Uncle Bryan and Aunt Samantha. They hosted us at their perfect little cottage in Connecticut. It is a piece of heaven. The kids were wonderful travelers, and went absolute bananas over the sight of Manhattan as we flew in at night. To be fair, it is seriously spectacular, I also loved seeing the new Freedom Tower and Lady Liberty as the birds do. 

Once up at the lake, the boys spent time fishing together and Sam and I spent time sipping wine in the kitchen and perusing the quaint New England villages. Boy I miss it up there! The woods, the hills, the windy roads, the company most of all. The kids were wow’ed by everything, and are pretty nice to have around, I have to say.

We have another travel day coming up this weekend and I learned a few things on toddlers and airplanes. Videos and snacks are crucial. Getting the kids each their own seat (they’re too old to be lap infants anyway) makes for a more comfortable experience for everyone. If they have their own backpack to carry mom or dad still ends up carrying it. The line between early enough to have time to potty/buy food/etc and too much time before boarding is a fine one. Lucky for me the iPad has a decent battery life. If possible travel sans car seats – they are a cumbersome addition. A stroller isn’t necessary! But having the trusty ergo along, even with 2.5yr olds, was nice. Let’s see what I learn the next go-round, I’m flying as the solo adult with them for the first time!

Day 1, Apple and Pumpkin Picking   
 That my friends, is a 40lb pumpkin!

Day 2, Walking in the woods

Day 3-4, Rescuing Fish

view from the house
muddy puddles!
Day 5, an afternoon in New York City before heading home 
obviously the attraction here was not NBC Studios, but rather the Firetruck

hanging in Bryant Park
enjoying a visit with lifelong friends! how much does Lucie love little Kieran 💗
 What a fantastic trip. Many, many thanks to Bryan and Sam for their unparalleled hospitality. Hopefully some day we can return host at our mountain/beach/French country villa. Can’t wait till next time!


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