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Autumn in the Mountains

We just returned this week from a long wonderful visit to my Mama’s house in Colorado.  Even though the kids and I all experienced some spotty health (stomach bug, pink eye, fever…thanks air travel) we had the most terrific time. We got to see BB, Michael, Becca and the boys, Jessie, my Grandpa Ralph, and a few friends too.

It was my first time flying with the kids without a second adult, and honestly the experience couldn’t have been better. They were total travel pros, and the Southwest staff are just the best in the business. We had stellar flight attendants on both flights who really looked out for us and treated Lucie and Teddy to a couple extras along the way, including extra bags of cookies, pilots wings, paper airplanes, and an announcement on the intercom greeting “honorary first captains Lucie and Teddy.” Really great, Southwest, kuddos to you!

Our first few days we spent hanging out with Aunt Becca and the cousins. We walked in the forest, we fed the neighbors ducks and chickens, hunted for the children of the forest, and frolicked in the fresh alpine air with Scotia the most wonderful dog EVER. We had literally perfect weather. Each day dawned bluebird skies and warm bright sunshine. Incredibly the day after we left it began to snow and it hasn’t stopped all week now!


the end of my moms driveway
they loved playing in the teepee, and right in the backyard
spending an afternoon with Aunt Jess in Frisco
with my mountain babies at tree line on Windy Ridge
BB builds the best playgrounds!
BB carves the spooookiest pumpkins!
the blue trees are an artist installation in Breckenridge and i jist realized these two have L and T’s initials carved on them!
In the Fox in Feathers Studio with BB
Our friend Grayson showing us his neighborhood in Denver
Nothing like a good goose chase!
The people movers are the coolest thing about an airport to a 2 year old

We are all in a little bit of mountain depression and miss everyone in Colorado. But is it ever nice to sleep in our beds and to be back home with Will. Thank you so much for all the fun we will be back!! Til the next time


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