Children's Book Review

Children’s Book Review: Boot & Shoe

We picked up a really cute one at the library last week.  Actually, there are several in our library stack that the kids are loving. I think this is my favorite though. 

Boot & Shoe by Marla Frazee

Boot and Shoe are doggy twins who do almost everything together, eat, sleep, and pee. However, they like to spend their afternoons hanging out on different porches. One day a squirrel comes along and causes loads of trouble, as you can see the pups give it their all.  They get mixed up in the ruckus and endure plenty of waiting and worrying before their happy reunion.

This book is a charmer folks. The drawings are sweet and simple and the writing is perfectly succinct. Boot and Shoe also show us that even though you may like doing all of your activities with someone, spending a little time on your own is a good thing. And the pups share a good lesson with our kids that the important people in your life are always going to come back to you even when something you aren’t expecting happens.  Check it out on your next trip to the library, I know I’ll be looking for more by this author. Happy weekend!


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