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My Favorite Holiday

Other than my birthday, which of course is the best. Spoil me rotten on my birthday and you won’t hear me complain! But Thanksgiving is the best one that is about everyone else. There’s no pressure of gift giving, or perfect decorations, or the perfect outfit. It’s all about being with your people. And eating really wonderful warm foods. And maybe a football game (not really high on my personal list). If you know me at all you know I’m prone to hyperbole, but I am not exaggerating whatsoever when I say my family is Awesome. Like, really, Awesome. I don’t get to see them very much since we are here in Chicago, but I go home every year for this one holiday, and it’s always wonderful. My Aunt and Uncle have taken over as hosts over the last few years and put together a fantastic spread. My sister and I pitch in with a few appetizers and cover desserts. Again if you know me, you know I love my desserts, and no turkey dinner is complete without pie.  


the almost birthday boys!
This year the kids and I headed east the week before to spend a few days with Becca and the boys in Ohio. The kids played great, Becca and I ducked out to see a movie, and we saw our first snow of the season. Which ended up being kind of a lot of snow. Dang snowbelt. 

 After a few days we moved operations to my dad’s in Pittsburgh, Becca took a quick trip out by herseland I managed the herd for 90minutes or so solo…I engineered an extensive train setup and ignored them.  

No seriously, this is what they did for an hour and a half…I only interveened to redistribute choo-choos like, twice. I think the key for success here was building several large loops which helped keep them out of one another’s way. 

Also kind of an annual thing is the Moidel pizza night at my dad’s, when I get to see my nieces who are practically teenagers now. Of note, they are expert babysitters, I have to do zero parenting with them around, it’s awesome. Check out these 6 cousins, I love all these silly faces! 




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