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Meet Milo


 We have a new addition to the family! Our house has been sadly kitty-less since August now. We miss Mikey still, but decided after our crazy travel schedules this fall it was an excellent time to adopt a furry friend. Off we headed to Paws Chicago.

So, this is Milo… He’s a, he and 3 months old and 3 pounds heavy. He is spunky and brave and surprisingly cuddly. He has a good purring motor and is very vocal about everything. He meows while he’s eating and using the litter box…just so you know what he’s up to. He isn’t scared or shy of the crazy kids but does make sure to stay out of their way. Like my human toddlers, he is pretty clumsy still and has moments of spazzy wildness followed by extreme napping. He has a pink nose and pink toes and loooong white whiskers. He cuddled against my tummy all night. I really like him. Can you tell? 



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