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It’s January

Hey people, I realized it’s been awhile now since I checked in here. Now it’s the middle of January already, yikes! So a whirlwind catchup for you all…our holidays were lovely, lots of family time, baking, yummy dinners, and Chanukah and Christmas fun. We had friends visit from Boston and an Auntie from Philadelphia. Santa came in his sleigh bringing some delightful new play things for the kids and a 4 day fever for Lucie June followed successively a week later by the Bear and then me too. Will brought home a swell case of conjunctivitis from northern Wisconsin which of course I contracted just as I perked up from cold part one. I suppose that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes, the Mama always falling last and the hardest. Blerg.  This is mine and Teddy’s “we’re sick faces.”

 Anyhow, everyone is feeling better now and we managed to make it to story time at the library and met friends at the nature museum this past week. The kids were pumped about being OUT at the museum and didn’t even whine about the -10 degree windchill whipping along the lakefront. Brrrrrr. So here’s a look at things via snapshots from the last few weeks… 

my baking assistants only show up to like the spoons
hot cocoa on the train from the Christmas market downtown
Christmas Eve
tasting fresh snow
soothing sore throats, click for the recipe
Santa’s Play Kitchen
watching firetrucks with Milo
Milo has had no problem adjusting to life with us, he is staking out his napping spots (in our cozy bathroom on the stacks of towels) and his favorite toys (rattling catnip mice…which he fetches like a Labrador for lengthy periods of play).Ill leave you with a kitty picture, because, kitty. Cheers! 



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