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Lucie June’s First Haircut

I know what you’re all thinking…”wait, isn’t her 3rd(!!!) birthday like, 2 months away?” And you’d be right, but lil Miss Baldy has been hard at work growing her head of lettuce for a solid year now. There’s a really nice kids salon on our block and I’ve been taking Teddy Bear over there for 3 or 4 cuts now. Lucies wild curls are too sweet but were begging for just a little attention. So, on the 4th frigid day in a row we bundled up and walked down the block for haircuts and lollipops. Here’s a little ‘before & after’ for you, and in the true spirit of the genre I picked a particularly mussed up before photo 


Thats the Bear getting trimmed up in the chair on the left
 Check out that chic girl! What, is she 16 all of a sudden!? Everyone at the salon commented on how she looked like she should be in a magazine and was a fashion model. Which I don’t think she totally understood, but she definitely understood that everyone thought she looked very nice. Teddy’s face in the next picture cracks me up. Why does he look so sad? 
 In other news, this past weekend a friend of mine who works for the Chicago Wolves, a minor league professional hockey team just outside the city, set us up with tickets which was so awesome. It was a perfect first professional sports experience for the kids. They love watching hockey at home and had a great time checking out the in person experience serious. However, they both had a love-hate relationship with the Wolf mascot. They loved watching him but wanted nothing to do with being close enough for high-fives. Arooooooo! I only snapped the one photo, but it gives me hope for good behavior at a Blackhawks game next season. What can I say, we’re a family of hockey-lovers πŸ’πŸš¨ 


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