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‘Nastics nd Dinosaurs

‘Nastics refers to the kids’ weekly gymnastics class. They liked it so much in the fall that we registered for the winter session too. The kids are now the oldest in their class (since it only goes up to 3), and have learned a lot since they started…how to run on the trampoline, how to walk their feet up a wall to do a handstand, various leg positions, straddle, tuck, pike, and improved balance by walking the beam.  Each kid definitely has their set of strengths too. Lucie is quite coordinated, she’s quite good at somersaults, leg kicks, and jumping.   Teddy has very good core and upper body strength (he can pull his legs up to meet his hands when hanging from a bar), and can swing himself on the rings. I think we will try a different activity for the spring and summer, maybe soccer so we can get outside, but gym has been great!   

Last weekend we visited the Chicago Field Museum so the kids could get a firsthand look at real Dinosaur Bones. They were pretty impressed and were very well behaved at the museum I have to say. Those dinos ARE pretty incredible. It was fun to see the kids be able to identify the real skeletons with the pictures of ones we read about in books (favorite Dino books are Dinosaurs, DinosaursBones, Bones, Dinosaur BonesDinosaurs – that one came off of Will’s childhood bookshelf I think). Will and I were very impressed by a mural called City Windows. The artist depicts scenes of Chicago and Beijing using the ancient Chinese art form of paper cutting.   

   Life in general has been kind of crazy since the holidays, the kids and I were sick as dogs for weeks, I took a surprise and much needed weekend for a lot of R&R, the kids and I made an unexpected trip back to Pittsburgh in February to visit with family, and we welcomed several new babies into our circle of friends. And geez, March doesn’t look any less uneventful what with the 3rd anniversary of Lucie and Teddy, and visits from my family for that weekend. Looking forward to it! 



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