Well, this past Sunday marked 3 whole entire years of Teddy and Lucie June. We had a little family party on Saturday morning which culminated in purple cake and blue cookie cake. Teddy was quick on the candles and leaned in to assist his partner in crime.  

 We hit the pediatrician today for a wellness check and I have some new stats.

Miss Goose is 32.2lbs (66%) 37.01in (45%) for comparison sake 6 months ago she was 30.6lbs and 36.5in

Mr Bear is 25lbs (1%) 35.2in (6%) and 6 months ago he was 24.6lbs and 35in.  My guy is a squirt and a half.

Doc says they’re great on meeting all the development milestones and are pretty great kids. I have to agree with her!

Here’s a few more pictures of the past week, cheers! 

call me “princess lucie june”


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