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The kids and I are just returned from a wonderful unhurried trip East to visit friends and family. My sister Jess was in from Colorado for two weeks to hang with our dad and the opportunity couldn’t be missed (I get to see my family seldomly, and Jess is a true rarity!). I decided to take a new route this time and instead of stopping overnight in Cleveland to breakup the drive we stopped in Columbus to stay with a couple I know from my college days at Denison University.  They have a little boy just a few days younger than Lucie and a Teddy and a new baby as of January. It ended up being quite a marvelous dinner party with another couple, one of whom I also know from school and their two kids as well. The kids all enjoyed a viewing of Winnie the Pooh (for a few minutes at least) while we parent types sat down to a bouillabaisse feast with all the fancy fishes, YUM.  

the only photo I snapped and the most still those kids stayed the whole time
 And since good old Denison was right up the road from their house we took a little detour through campus, I hadn’t been back since graduation 12(!) years ago. I am surprised to report, with the exception of some renovations and a few new buildings, campus looked just the same as in my memory. 

shorney hall, Will and I lived 10 rooms apart Freshman year 15.5 years ago!
my sorority house

From there it was straight on to Pittsburgh where we arrived just in time for a family dinner and cousin Josh’s birthday party. Teddy is mighty good at blowing out candles… 

We spent the next week gloriously with the twin cousins, big cousins, and lots of visiting with friends and family… 

Lucie’s cape is made by her BB at Fox in Feathers Studio
  The real highlight was perhaps on Friday before we headed back to Becca’s in Ohio. We happened to hook up with another friend from Denison at the playground (thank you Instagram!) who invited to her family’s horse farm just up the road. What a wonderful experience for all of us! 


because how many more quad tubby pictures are we gonna get

snack break somewhere in Indiana like total pros

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