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Big News!

This is probably old news to most of you, but the month of June is going to be full of changes for us. Will accepted a new job in Denver, Colorado! We will be spending the next few weeks packing up house here in Chicago and unpacking in Denver. The move is going to stink, but we are so excited to get to take such an awesome adventure together. I always thought that IF we were to ever move it would be eastward where we have a lot of family and friends, but it just so happened that this particular job opportunity popped up in a western city where we happen to have family and friends!  We just signed a lease for a teeny tiny house (the square footage is just less than our current apartment!) on the west side and I think right outside the city limits of Denver. I am just learning about the city on a map and am looking forward to getting to know the area in person.  Our new neighborhood sounds terrific, walking distance to shopping, parks, libraries, and the town center school is really all I can ask for in a new home. I don’t know if it’s fate that the first house we looked at was the right one or if I was more stressing about finding any housing, but I think it will be a great first spot for us to explore the area and find our perfect neighborhood. Also, it’s our first proper HOUSE! With a driveway and big yard, what? Crazy! We are so lucky to have a local friend who is connected with people around the city. She put the word out and helped to find a few great opportunities and even went to visit this one with my sister for us. I owe those gals one big thank you gift. I hope they like brownies, ha!The kids are repeating to people “we are moving to Denver” but I’m pretty sure that’s the extent of their comprehension. Every time one of their toys disappears into a box they get worried and ask if we’re going to Denver now. This is a whole new experience for all of us, and I have to say packing after they go to bed at night is exhausting. But I’m no stranger to cross-country moves and I am pumped! Movers and cleaning crews are basically sorted so what’s left is packing and a 1000mile road trip with two 3 year olds and 1 semi-crazy kitten. Wish me luck! 

If you’re in the Chicago area be sure to look us up before we leave. We are going to miss our people here most of all. I’ll send out a change of address letter before we move in officially but if I miss you and you need our new address just send an email or text, and look out for the Sprinkles and Cupcake formerly Big City Kids now Mountain Kids edition of this blog. Cheers! 


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