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Hiking with 3 Year Olds

Ends up in a lot of piggyback and shoulder rides. Especially when one of your 3 year olds is Ted Bear. Bear has always enjoyed a good carry-me-round (it’s why I still haven’t let go of our trusty baby carrier) and when the walk involves going uphill, at altitude, with lots of sticks and rocks to navigate, you better believe he’s asking to be picked up. Today BB wanted to show us her favorite giant rock. It isn’t a far walk, maybe a mile round trip, but it certainly hits all those bulletpoints I mentioned. Bear walked up the path to the “playground” from my mom’s and exactly 18 steps up the trail and promptly announced “my legs are gettin tired” then “I’m losing my breath” (in his defense we were walking up from 10,600ft), and demanded UP.  

 Lest you think I’m complaining, we all had a marvelous time, Lucie walked basically the whole time and Scotia dog ran around us happily in the forest. Plus we stopped at a teepee someone set up and roasted pine cone marshmallows. It might be nearly 100 at home in Denver, but it’s 70 and delightful in the deep deep forest. I’m so thankful to be able to come here with the kids and play in the woods! 


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