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A Week in Charleston

Three years ago my family spent a week together in Charleston, SC, which I wrote about here, and recorded much more fondly than I remember it now. I suppose that’s hindsight, right? Family around with infants is better than normal life with infants? All I remember now is spending the whole week nursing and pumping, oof. Last week we all returned to the same big house on the beach and it was like, 1,000 times more fun. Infants at the beach stink…3.5 year olds at the beach on the other hand are so much fun. Lucie and Teddy were way more brave about going in the ocean than I expected, and had the best time ever with all the cousins around. It was near impossible to get them out of the pool and out of the sand castle pit, Lucie totally owns the water wings and Teddy was all about the inner tubes. We built sand castles, jumped over waves, hunted rainbows and crabs after dark, lived in swim suits, and painted seashells. I was even prepared to “go with the flow” with regards to naps – which if you are familiar with my parenting style, naps are daily and mandatory – but they played so hard in the sun and water that by 2 every day they were totally cashed. So we all got toddler free time in the afternoons and evenings, heaven! Some of us adults even took off off an evening for date nights, Will and I joined my sister and her boyfriend at Cypress for a fanatic meal. The oysters! The tuna! The charcuterie! We got this raw oyster sashimi appetizer which very well might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten. And the bartender made me a killer cocktail off the cuff without any specifics except “vodka and refreshing.” 

The only downer about the whole week was travel time. I didn’t quite realize how easy it is to get to any place from Chicago. Denver is another story. It’s the first time we’ve had to deal with connecting flights and a two hour time change to the east coast which made for 14hr travel days, yikes. The kids managed pretty well but true to form didn’t sleep much (Teddy not at all), and so were nooooot ideally behaved the following day. I would totally do it again, I only wish we had an extra week because 6 days isn’t enough time! 

Becca probably has 900 pictures on her proper camera but I managed to snap a few on my phone too. I’m happy to share them and one amazing video with you now!

My view from the airplane seat…Lucie crashed for an amazing 2 hrs during a delay on the tarmac.   





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