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Well, I wrote a whole post but my blog app crashed and it was lost. So I’m sorry folks you are getting a much abbreviated version…

The kids were so excited to dress up this year and decided weeks ago that the right costumes were Superhero and FairyButterflyBallerinaPrincess…Ballerina was dropped from that at some point but you get the picture. Teddy even has invented his own unique super power called formacy. He is fairly unspecific about further details using purely circular logic to describe it “I get all the robots and save the people with my formacy!!  My mom, being a creative genius, came up with some snazzy costume pieces for him with his formacy in mind. We carved some awesome jack o lanterns, my favorite part, and definitely had some of the best around. Lucie requested a Spooky Kitty and Teddy a Silly Guy.

Trick or treat went marvelously. BB drove down to walk blocks and blocks with me and the kids leaving Will to the Bears game and doorbell duty. The kids walked forever and were so tired they started skipping house and needed a lollipop to make it home. Thank goodness for two plastic pumpkins full of lollipops. 




Musical Direction courtesy of Aunt Annie πŸ˜†


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