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I’ve been the worst blogger this fall, and I’d like to offer sincere apologies to those of you who look here for recent pictures of the kids and such. It’s been busy! But I’d thought I’d check in and post some photos. (I post very often on Instagram so if you’d like to keep daily track of us, you can find me there under the handle @jemcross25)

So I’ll post again quickly with some of our family photos we did about a month ago, but these start thanksgiving weekend. We spent the holiday at my moms and it was just wonderful. I did really miss our annual trip to Pittsburgh, but it was great to be with my mama and sister so not a bad alternative!

Their first ice skating lesson was pretty funny. Lucie got frustrated and cried, but Teddy laughed the whole time despite all the slip-sliding. The instructor said little kids improve really quickly so keep your fingers crossed for us!

We just got this fancy shmancy space heater that looks like an old wood stove and I was inspired to put up a chimney! The kids had a ball with all the gluing, ha! I think it turned out pretty cute. Oh the things you can do with construction paper!


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