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Ski Bunnies

Last week Lucie and Teddy completed their Colorado immersion with their first ski day. We played hooky from school, picked up our friends down the street and headed up to meet BB and Jess. Now, I am well accustomed to the regular schlep that comes with kids and activities, but skiing brought it to a whole new level. 

Exhibit A

Ha! What could possibly be funnier than 3 x 3 year olds walking in ski boots?! Parenting points for our laughter, I know. Once we made it to the actual learn to ski area, we clicked in and jumped on the magic carpet. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but they did wonderfully! No one can stop yet since the ski “pizza” is elusive, but they loved to go down and wanted to go by themselves too.

Lucie was even so brave as to take the chair lift (they call it a “sky trailer”) up the mountain to ski down with Aunt Jess. I can’t believe I wasn’t there to ski down with her, but I sure will be next time! Luckily there’s video…

After we all exhausted ourselves we enjoyed a little apres ski on the patio with cocktails and hot cocoa and a warm fire. Then we got to lug all that gear back, ugh. It was worth it for the fun and I really can’t wait to go again. Next year official ski school for them and the grown ups can enjoy the big mountains, win all around!


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