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How To Talk Like My 3 Year Olds

This post is about the ever evolving language of our crazy kids. I started writing it in March of LAST YEAR and worked on it some more back in October, and well I updated it with a few more silly things they say now. No better time to publish a post about the funny stuff my 3 year olds say than after they turn four. Oh well, better late than never!

Teddy, specifically refers to himself as Ted BEAR. And sometimes Ted Bear 44. He likes to exclaim what a beautiful day! He also refers (consistently for an entire year now) to a mythical “father” who is not the same person as daddy. His father lives far away, you have to take an airplane there, he likes hockey and has a mustache, and drives a blue car. He is also very into superheroes and has created his own superpower called formacy. He is thus far unspecific on what this power is, only that he can “get all the robots and save everyone with his super formacy!!!!” He gains/grows his formacy by eating food and resting. Also, the other day (in October) I discovered he can do his own buttons by declaring “peekaboo, pull it through” I was so surprised since we did not teach him his seemingly advanced skill, but remembered the Daniel Tiger episode where Mr. Tiger teaches Daniel. That show is an excellent third parent.

Lucie Goose refers to herself as Lucie Goose Cross Pickle Underwear Princess Ballerina Unicorn. She calls Milo Cat a chubby little tuhd or a sweet cat and likes telling everyone “Milo likes gurls more better than boys”. She pronounces ‘thirsty’ as suhfy which sounds so cute I’m never ever going to correct her. She loves babies and declared when a baby friend came over “OH she’s so sweet!” And “I love dat baby.” She has very good recall of a large number of songs these days and belts out everything from the ABCs to The Beatles I Will to Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. Charming, I know. Most recent favorite song is the main song from Moana. She’s so so very into unicorns. 

Neither kid can say “L” ‘r’ or ‘th’. They both pronounce ‘oo’ like ‘ew’ so moon becomes mewn, and poop becomes pewp, and school becomes skewl. “Butt” is a really funny word in this house now, and so are all sorta gross words. Toilet humor, ugh🙄 Their favorite joke is “guess what? Chicken Butt” and has been for some time now. I’m ready for a new one! They call chair lifts “sky trailers” and now use big words like “nemesis” and “defeat” and maybe we watch too many good guy/bad guy shows. They still adorably mix up the endings on plural and past tense words, and pronounce both the e and the d on words like “Milo catch-ed a bihd”  They still love reading books as much as ever and have a great many memorized and can repeat lines when prompted. I can’t hardly handle their crazy grasp on language and their strengthening memories. Just last year they still seemed like such babies!


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