About Me

img_0406I live with my husband Will, our twins Lucie June and Teddy Bear, and our semi-crazy cat Milo in Denver, Colorado.  This blog is about the kids…twin-life, our favorite storybooks, but I also like sweets, food blogs, baking, cooking, photographs, a good cocktail, and being outdoors (which I hope evens out the love of sweets). I’m allergic to cats (though less-so to my own), bees, and I might have a problem buying pretty dresses for my daughter (they make her so dang happy!!). Sprinkles and Cupcake are the nicknames we lovingly bestowed upon the twins while they hung out in my uterus for 38 weeks. Actually in the name of full disclosure, the names were chosen by the boy-girl twins of one my coworkers at the time. I asked them what I should name my babies…Jack said “Computer and Laptop” and Maddie thankfully had a better option that just kinda stuck around. They were 5 and are pretty awesome kids and gave me hope that my twins would be just as cool. Their dad is Irish and called them “Fish and Chips” if I’m not mistaken.
Enjoy keeping up with the adventures as we navigate parenthood with twins in the wild and wonderful Rocky Mountains, and please excuse my sarcasm. Sometimes I sound salty. Just so there’s no mistaking anything, our babies are awesome. That is all.


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