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Family Pictures 2016

A few weeks ago in preparation for our family photo shoot, the kids and I went on a location scouting mission and visited a beautiful area in Golden just 20 min from our house. It was 80 degrees on Wednesday…and 25 degrees with a fresh 6inchs on Saturday. The kids hung in there for enough time and were rewarded with lollipops and hot cocoa afterwards. I love the mountainy snowiness! We missed our photographer friend Jason in Chicago, but our new guy Will did a wonderful job and was lovely to work with. If you’re in the Denver area and need a guy, I highly recommend him!

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Making all the Memories

Recently we spent a relaxing afternoon hanging out with our friends who have a little boy just a bit younger than L and T. One of these friends happens to be Jason Richardson, photographer extradorinaire.  He has been documenting our family since our engagement picture days and was kind enough to shoot some photos of our foursome to remember what our looked like 2.5yrs into this parenting business. We had a ridiculously beautiful mid-November day with warm sun and a bit of color left on the trees. The kids were cooperative for like, 3 minutes, and then it turned into an “action” shoot involving leaves, bubbles, running in circles, lollipops, and dog poop war paint. Enjoy the out takes…I mean highlights