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Welcome Sprinkles and Cupcake!

The twins have arrived!  Affectionately known throughout the pregnancy as “Sprinkles and Cupcake” thanks to the creative naming efforts of my friend’s 5-year old twins Jack and Maddie, our very own fully baked twins arrived March 20th at 9am and 9:02am respectively.  Sprinkles, now named Lucie June was born first and weighed a healthy 6 lbs 8 oz and Cupcake, now Theodore William “Teddy” was born 2 minutes later and weighed 6 lbs even.

Teddy, very serious
Lucie, very loud

The story of their birth is perhaps best saved for another time, but here’s the abridged version.  We went into the OB for my regular 37 week checkup, I was 37 weeks and 4 days, officially full term.  Officially past the point of uncomfortable.  My blood pressure read a little high and my doctor decided to send us over to the hospital for a non-stress test to monitor it for a little while as pre-eclampsia was a possibility.  After a few hours and some labs it was determined that I did have pre-eclampsia and they would induce labor that evening, yay!  So up to labor and delivery we went, where I was hooked up to all manner of IVs.  Labor induced, contractions began, epidural placed (bless you anesthesiologist and your excellent epidural), and after a little longer than I might have liked, into the OR for birth.  We tried for a vaginal birth – really really tried – but Lucie just wasn’t descending properly, like at all, and after consultation with my doctor we decided to change plans and have a surgical birth.  A mere hour after that Lucie was born followed shortly by Teddy, everyone all pink and healthy!  I am a bit groggy on the details of this part of things, but I have a vivid memory of proud Will grinning ear-to-ear under his surgical mask while holding both babies for the first time.  It’s pretty great.  We were all wheeled into recovery and up to the post-partum floor to spend our first days as a new family of 4.  4!  2 babies!  Holy crap!  On a side note, recovering from c-sections sucks.  Go for natural birth people.

Teddy (left) and Lucie (right)
Hours old and the most perfect little bundles! They love to lay next to each other.