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Mama’s on Etsy!

MY Mama!  Today she opened up an online shop on to bring her awesome and creative projects to the big, wide world.  We, her children and grandchildren, have been so lucky to have her dreaming up fantastic toys, clothing, and artwork in her studio in the mountains all our lives and now you all get to partake!  I’m so proud and so excited to promote her shop.  Things are still very much under construction online, but in an effort to keep things manageable for the launch she’s starting with some favorites: reversible hats, capes, crowns, dragons, and a few pieces of nursery art (which are spectacular, she uses reclaimed wood and hand carves and paints everything, seriously!!!).

My sister and all the twin cousins have been busy taking photos to show off her stuff.  Lucie, Teddy,  Kaleb, and Aiden make the best models.  I’m convinced someone is going to ask them to be in a magazine.  Head over to Becca’s Blog for more pictures than what I have here.  Be sure to check out Fox in Feathers Studio the next time you are in need of a gift for a special little kid or mama-to-be! You can find her on Instagram (@FoxinFeathersStudio too!

Lucie wearing hat and cape hanging with her Long Dragon
They run around yelling SUPER DUPER!!

Lucie especially is obsessed with her “capey and ca-rown.” If we are home, she is wearing them.