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It’s May, It’s Spring, I’m Happy

This afternoon we spent playtime after lunch enjoying the spring breeze and sunshine and blossoming trees on our back porch.  We do actually have a little yard as well, but we had some pretty torrential rain this morning and the porch was more comfortable for everyone.  It’s so nice to be able to spend time outdoors with the tots!  They had a ball playing with practically nothing for a solid hour.  Which was terrific since I had practically nothing to pick up off of the floor during nap-time.  I brought out the firetruck, a few books, and they mostly enjoyed the clothespins already present.  They made a pretty good game of taking them out of the bag, putting them back in, tasting them, etc… DSC_3504DSC_3531DSC_3523DSC_3537DSC_3533Waredrobe provided by Mama Patti (children’s clothing shopper extraordinaire)

This past week we had a short, perfect, lovely visit with my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Dennis, and cousin Matthew.  The guys worked all day but Aunt Nancy spent the whole day with us!  We went to the park, sat down at the coffee shop (the kids behaved nicely strapped into their stroller), and talked the whole day.  All the guys including Will joined us for dinner (the kids behaved nicely at home in their beds).  I of course neglected to take any photos.  That is a running theme with me.  I just enjoy my company too much and forget about preserving the memory.  Oh well, next time!

I’m looking forward to this weekend, being my first Mother’s Day to actually enjoy being a mother.  Last year LJ and T were a teeny 7 weeks old and my days revolved around feeding, changing, snoozing, feeding myself, and repeat.  This year, no milking!  Did I mention I nursed the last time right about 13 months?  That was it!  I am super proud of myself and super happy that phase for the twins is in the past.  At times I miss my teeny tiny infants, and I wish I could go back to cuddle them and smell them, but just for like, an hour.  Then I’m happy to take my almost-14 month olds back.  They’re so much fun these days.  Lucie is so happy to sit on a lap and read stories, she would do it all day long.  Teddy and his awesome hair (doesn’t he seriously have the greatest hair??) is moving moving all the time.  Touching this, shaking that, banging the two together.  It never gets old for him.

So this weekend I am going to enjoy being a mama to my totally awesome twins.  And I ordered 3 coffee cakes from the bakery down the street.  Dooooon’t worry I’m sharing with everyone at brunch on Sunday, geez.  I did promise myself to put a good dent in the apricot cake though, so don’t begrudge me that.  It is a special event!

Happy Weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas and mamas-to-be!


A Little Wisdom

You are a good mama

The blog post I linked above is circulating social media on the internet right now, and well I know Sprinkles and Cupcake isn’t about mama-hood necessarily, but I really like the sentiment. So I thought I would share it here, cause we all try really hard. Besides my husband, there is one person in particular that comes to mind, who tells me I’m doing a good job without any judgement or incredulity whenever I talk to her. If I didn’t love her anyways I would just for that bit of encouragement. So, thanks Samantha Cross, you are so awesome.

Editor’s note: Thank you to everyone who reached out yesterday! Additionally I want to note, I am by no means depressed or looking for extra “props.” I only wanted to share this other Mama’s positive thinking and good vibes, and to tell all you baby caretakers out there showing your little people every hour of every day how to grow up and be good bigger people, that you are a good mama/papa/nanny/fill-in-the-blank. Cheers!