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Happy 2nd Birthday!

I’m here a week late to wish Lucie and Teddy a very Happy Birthday!

IMG_1027We have been so busy!  B-B and Aunt Becca and the cousins all arrived last Thursday within an hour of each other and the craziness began.  Honestly, having 3 adults and 4 x 2 year olds in our city apartment was maybe a little less crazy than I anticipated.  I think my expectations were pretty high, but we were lucky with some decent weather so we were able to get out of the house every day until Monday – when we had a bona fide snowstorm.

I’ll get back to the fun stuff in another blog post (whaaa whaaa) and I’m going to jump to their 2 year check up with our pediatrician.  Everyone is bright shiny and healthy.  Doc says we need to work on “hopping” and referring to one another as “me” and “I.”  I think that last one is totally my fault, obviously they learn to speak through imitation and now that the doc pointed it out, I don’t refer to myself as I or me, I say “mama” all the time.  Like, “give that to Mama” instead of “to me.”  It’s weird!  Will does it too!  Why we speak to the kids in the third person I have no idea but I can fix that.  Ok so, I’m going to divide this up into two parts so we can have a look at what each kids is up to individually at this moment in time.

All About TeddyIMG_0601

Size: 22.6 lbs (7th percentile), 33 in (10th percentile).  He wears a mix of 18 and 24 mth clothing, now that he’s wearing undies the pants are even bigger on him!  Still a string-bean with no hips and no bum.

Personality: He is so sweet.  Always willing to give a kiss and very likely to indulge in a cuddle.  He is very considerate, particularly to his sister.  If he picks up a snack or a water bottle the next thing he does is ask for Cici to have one too.  He is cheerful and chipper, and only cries when he feels under the weather or gets knocked over or heaven help you he misplaces his kitty at sleepy-time.  When he does cry I swear he has the biggest tears you ever saw and they spurt and plop out of his eyes like humungous dew drops.  If you need a helper, Teddy is your guy.  He happily tosses stuff in the garbage can or puts away his toys or puts dirty clothes in his hamper when asked to do so.  He is so good at sharing and taking turns with other kids but will collapse in a puddle if a toy is taken from him without first declaring “it’s Lucie’s turn.”

Foods: Fruit is his favorite.  Blueberries, melon, mango, pears, you name it he loves it.  He loves goldfish crackers and fried eggs and carrots and broccoli and salmon.

Play: Choo-choos rule in this category.  He also loves to play kitchen and cooking (a chip off the ol’ block), stack blocks (or cans), unpack groceries, and push trucks.  He is really good at puzzles.

Development: As of last week he is potty trained!  He does have an accident almost everyday, mostly when he gets too busy and forgets to tell me he has to go.  I have to be really on top of the “pee break” with this guy.  He has a good vocabulary and is able to say a handful of colors but always reverts to blue when he doesn’t know the word.  He understands the concept of counting but hasn’t gotten past 1 and 2 yet.  He does a bunch of animal sounds, particularly Lions and Tigers and Bears.  He likes to pretend to sleep and pop up and call out morni!!!!!! (morning!!!!!).

All About LucieIMG_0617

Lucie: 27 lbs (70th percentile), 34 in (50th percentile).  She’s firmly wearing 2T clothing, and still has some of that magnificent toddler belly we’ve all admired for the last year.

Personality: Lucie has a sparkling smile and an evil laugh.  She can be stingy with her kisses although she doesn’t mind giving them to her brother.  She is a girl who knows what she wants and is not generally swayed by parental suggestion.  I jokingly named this diva-prone alter ego “Whitney”.  Lord help you if you offer her room temperature water.  It must be cole (cold).  Her favorite color is purple, she loves wearing skirts, and is the girliest tomboy I’ve ever met.  She has no problem trading shoves with her bigger cousins and will not hesitate to wag her finger (literally and physically saying no no no) if something doesn’t go her way, like at a strange kid who doesn’t maintain personal space or a friend tries to play with a toy she’s claimed.  Sharing is a difficult lesson for her.

Foods: She loves scrambled eggs and sharing Mama’s toast, watermelon, roasted chicken, green beans, ice cream and cups of water.  Really the only thing neither of them will eat is beans…black, white, red, or otherwise.

Play: Coloring and playing tunnel.  She loves to pretend to go to sleep (seepy-seepy-nite-nite) in our bed and tells us to “click” off the light.  She loves reading and will sit for hours and hours to read stories.  The favorite book of the moment is whatever she has chosen.  Teddy listens most of the time, but is more likely to get up and play with something else while she and I read.

Development: She is potty trained now for a few weeks and does super well with accidents only rarely.  Her speech is excellent and she can put together 2-4 word sentences (a few days ago she brought a book to my mom and said “This is a story”).  She runs fast and laughs loud and can be very difficult (strange for a 2 year old, I know).  She also knows about a zillion animal noises – her cat meow is my favorite.

TV: Their favorite videos are choo-choos (Thomas the Tank Engine), George (Curious George), Go-Go (Frozen), Me-mo (Finding Nemo), and Yan-yel (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood).  These videos are great for when I need to cook a meal, or to wind down after dinner before bed.

This was a long one, thanks for sticking through it with me!  Another post is coming with party pictures, cousin pictures, and a little “We’re 2!” photo-shoot we did with my sister.  Happy Friday!

Children's Book Review · Potty Training

Children’s Book Review: Even Firefighters Go To The Potty🚽

There’s a lot of potty-talk going on around here these days. I get so tired of hearing myself say pee-pee and poopoo-kaka, but we have a few books that make talking about this stuff a little more pleasant. Even Firefighters Go to the Potty by Wendy Wax and Naomi Wax, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin is requested by both kids daily (today we read it 3 x’s that I can recall), and so far I don’t mind it at all. The story follows people in all sorts of kid-friendly jobs, like our titled firefighter, taking a timeout to use the loo. It’s pretty short, completely repetitive, and I find the illustrations endlessly amusing. Seriously, it’s so funny to see adults in the middle of their workday, reading the paper or whatever, using the toilet. I mean, the big burly construction worker marches off the building site, and you open a flap that looks like a porta-potty door, and there he is on the pot and looking at a catalogue, taking a crap. Teddy’s favorite picture is the last one. We ask, where did the polar bears at the zoo go? And when you open the bathroom door the bears are peering through the window at the zookeeper who is finishing up his business in the bathroom. Amazing. Those bears in the window kill him.
We highly recommend picking this one up when you’re ready for potty-training. It totally makes the potty look cool.