Milestones · Preschool · Toddler Twins


 The kids attended their first day of class this morning. In addition to a licensed preschool, our local Rec Center offers “weeschool” classes which are a little shorter time commitment and only once a week. That’s the program I scheduled the kids for this fall, I’m thinking if they love it maybe we can upgrade, but one of the major reasons I didn’t sign them up for the preschool class is because it’s oddly scheduled from 1-4 which is exactly nap time. And we still need nap time everyday (I’m hoping naps last until all day kindergarten…fingers crossed). Anyways, they are so excited to go to school! Lucie picked out all of her accessories and Teddy said goodbye to his kitty at home. Their teacher Miss Beth Marie seems very sweet and there are only 5 total kids in the class so they all get lots of attention. They didn’t have a lot to offer in the way of a report, but there were zero water works when I left and lots of smiles when I came back. I, with my 2 hours of free time, took advantage of the rec center location and swam some laps (which I haven’t done since I was pregnant), and rehydrated in the steam room. Whew! Felt great to be in the pool, and really great to sit quietly in the steam. Two thumbs up for school day Wednesdays!