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Making all the Memories

Recently we spent a relaxing afternoon hanging out with our friends who have a little boy just a bit younger than L and T. One of these friends happens to be Jason Richardson, photographer extradorinaire.  He has been documenting our family since our engagement picture days and was kind enough to shoot some photos of our foursome to remember what our looked like 2.5yrs into this parenting business. We had a ridiculously beautiful mid-November day with warm sun and a bit of color left on the trees. The kids were cooperative for like, 3 minutes, and then it turned into an “action” shoot involving leaves, bubbles, running in circles, lollipops, and dog poop war paint. Enjoy the out takes…I mean highlights  


Lessons in Parenting · Mama-hood · Terrible Twos · Toddler Twins · Twins

┬áNovember at the Nature Park

The North Park Nature Center is one of our favorite places in the city.  It just so happens we are going there even more regularly these days. Lucie and Teddy are taking gymnastics for tots at the Gym in the park center.  There is a bonifide Gymnasium with actual equipment. The kids are learning about stretching and somersaults and all sorts of fun stuff. Best part is, it wears them OUT. 

they sit in the center of the circle of course

 Yesterday after class the weather was so perfectly beautiful we brought along a picnic lunch and went for a walk. There was still lots of color in the treetops, and lots of animals moving around. The honeybees were busy, we saw a young buck grazing, a grasshopper well, hopping, and a turtle sunning on a log. I love the nature park!    

i know everyone thinks he looks like his daddy, but i think he looks like me here!
   In general well being notes, Lucie has gone all “terrible twos” on us.  It’s been really stressful for us and me in particular because she throws wicked tantrums at bat of an eyelash and I am winging it on how to deal with everything. Often I end up upset and on the verge of a tantrum myself, which definitely doesn’t help her calm down. So I reread a book last night Love and Logic, and have a new game plan today. Basically you have a go to phrase to shut down the situation. I tell her “uh oh, looks like you need some alone time” and I take her to her room and shut the door. She can come out when she’s calmed down and I give her a hug and we move on. I used this 4 times between wake up time at 8 and leaving the house at 10. But she’s been better today, and I haven’t lost my cool once. So I’d say much improved. Here’s to a plan of action, cheers!