Twin Necessities

1. Twin Z PillowPhotoGrid_1403303604203

Seriously.  This is the #1 twin thing.  It is so, so, wonderful.  It came to the hospital with us on labor-day and has been in constant every day use since (L and T are 15 months now).  I recommend it to every twin parent-to-be I meet!  For feeding we’ve used it for tandem bottle feeding, nursing one baby (I only had one baby who nursed), and nursing one baby/bottle the other tandem style.  It served as a safe and comfy spot for the babies to hang out when they were tiny sleeping and awake, double tummy time, and learning to sit.  Currently they use it to play on, lay down occasionally, and we read stories every night with it.

2. Double Snap ‘n Go

IMG_20130629_093606This was essential to getting out with the twins in the beginning.  Pop in the car seats, pop out the car seats.  It’s lightweight, and wheels comfortably, and it lived in the car.  Made runs into the grocery store or Target manageable by myself.



3. Mountain Buggy Duet

imageThis stroller has been crucial to my ability to get out of the house on my own since the very beginning.  The snap’n go was great and lived in the car.  But the Duet seats recline all the way so I didn’t need to buy the car seat adapters, the twins could just lay in there all comfy-like.  Plus it pushes wonderfully with great shock absorption and maneuverability.  One of the greatest positives about it, is that it is the most narrow double side-by-side on the market, in 17 mths the only doorways it won’t fit through are the 100 yr old buildings at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  But I’m fairly certain they were not designing doorways of the Cat House to accommodate the contraptions of the future.  The photo shows it using the rain cover.

4. Baby Carriers (Moby Wrap and Ergobaby)

These were crucial to a parent managing 2 infants solo.  We started out with 2 ergobaby carriers, but I picked up a moby wrap second hand when Teddy made it clear he wanted back in the womb around week 3.  He lived in the moby for about 3 months, he washed dishes with me, vacuumed, even baked cookies.  About the same time he got through his colicky grumbly stage he grew into the ergo which was more comfortable for me since it has a nice big padded waistband.  The moby was great for mimicking the womb but once the baby got over 14lbs it stopped being so comfy.  The carriers allowed me to handle baby 2 while calming screaming baby 1.  I could even wear both at once!  This was also how I did my shopping once I started hating dragging the snap n go and all my groceries everywhere. You know how people just pop their infant seat in the shopping cart? Impossible with twins.  So, Teddy (my koala) went in the carrier and Lucie in the cart either in the car seat or in the child seat once she could sit.  The kids are 2 now and we still shop like this sometimes.  Wear that baby!


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